Adoption of blockchain technology in the telecommunications sector

Adoption of blockchain technology in the telecommunications sector

in Sep 15, 2022

We proudly announce the completion of a public tender project prepared for the Office of Electronic Communications & Postal Regulations (OCECPR) for the provision of technology and legal consulting services on the adoption of blockchain technology for the completion of transferability requests (number portability) between telecommunication providers.

Project lead Electi Consulting Ltd, a leading consultancy firm offering high-end digital transformation strategy and blockchain technology advisory services, provided the technology advisory services to the OCECPR while our DS Partners Law Firm team ensured the proposed solution is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The OCECPR is the first national regulatory authority to have completed a public tender for tech and legal consultancy services for the implementation of a blockchain solution. The potential adoption of blockchain technology in the transferability process (number portability) is seen as the inaugural application and forms part of the OCECPR’s vision to digitally enhance the telecommunication sector.

The project constitutes a first step towards the adoption of blockchain in public services, and its materialization will transform the telecommunications sector, facilitating the launch of more applications based on distributed ledger technology.

The collaboration between DS Partners Law Firm and Electi Consulting Ltd further showcases the importance of providing a holistic service offering to clients, including technological and legal advisory services. It is the optimal service offering for clients who envisage to adopt innovative technologies in their business processes in line with their regulatory and compliance obligations.

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