Petros Livanios
Corporate Consultant

Petros is a Corporate Consultant at DS Partners Law Firm.

He is widely acclaimed in the Cyprus market for his expertise and knowledge on providing solutions for various complex financial and business matters. He joined forces with DS Partners Law Firm in 2023 in the fiduciary/corporate services practice of the Firm.

He is a graduate of Athens University, Law School Department of Political Science and Public Law School.

Petros has vast experience in the corporate and fiduciary sector where he worked since 1983.  He served as the Managing Director of Trident Trust Cyprus from 1992 until his retirement in 2020, mainly dealing with the establishment and administration of different corporate structures including companies, trusts and funds, both in Cyprus and in a number of different jurisdictions.

He has extensive knowledge on the provision of services relating to mergers & acquisitions, corporate structuring and re-structuring; banking & Finance and collective investment schemes.

His clientele includes EU and third-country corporate and institutional clients such as banks, funds and investment firms, conglomerates and groups of companies. Recently he is engaged by foreign corporate groups and funds advising on the relocation of their activities to Cyprus.