The new Lobbying Law and the adoption of the Lobbyists Register

The new Lobbying Law and the adoption of the Lobbyists Register

in Nov 29, 2023

The Cyprus Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) has announced the opening of applications for registration in the Lobbyists Register as of Monday 27 November 2023, according to the provisions of the Transparency in Public Decision-Making Procedures and Related Matters Law of 2022 (20(I)/2022) (the “Lobbying Law”). This move marks a significant step forward in shaping a more transparent framework for interactions between individuals and officials. The adoption of the Lobbying Law is expected to bring about significant changes, fundamentally altering public decision-making processes and battling corruption.

The new legal framework introduces obligations for lobbyists involved in such processes, officials within the state agency or the wider public sector and employees for the benefit of officials, who, by virtue of their position, take part in the above interactions. Applications for registration as lobbyists will be examined by the IAAC, and upon approval, registered lobbyists will have to abide and agree to the set Code of Conduct. IAAC plans to proceed to a gradual implementation, focusing, initially on registering individuals in the Lobbyists’ Register, while the obligations for lobbyists won’t be in effect until early 2024. This phased approach ensures a smooth transition and simultaneous implementation of obligations for both officials and lobbyists.

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