Digital Law & E-Commerce

Our team understands the complex regulatory and commercial legal framework of today’s digital economy. We offer high quality, experienced and professional legal assistance in a wide range of Information Technology, Digital, E-Commerce and Privacy matters. We collaborate with leading experts in all sectors of the digital economy so as to supplement our legal expertise and provide our clients with an all-around approach and support.

We advise and support clients on:

  • blockchain and distributed ledger technology;
  • cryptocurrencies and offering of crypto-asset related services;
  • suitability and utilization of digital smart contracts;
  • the legal framework of an e-commerce business by drafting legal agreements for use online;
  • the contractual basis for online transactions, including preparation of user terms and conditions and use of digital signatures;
  • identification and management of risks in the development, deployment, use and sale of digital technology;
  • all legal and regulatory frameworks relating to digital technology, including the impact of data, cyber and other sector-specific regulations;
  • shaping and protecting processes for data collection, licensing-in, use, exploitation and monetization;
  • website legal services, including advising on and drafting of terms of use, privacy policies, cookies schedule etc.; and
  • software licensing, including protecting and managing intellectual property rights, software licensing and end user agreements.

Please refer to our Data Protection Brochure for an in-depth analysis of our services regarding Data Protection & GDPR.

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