Research & Innovation

In today’s data and technology driven society, Research & Innovation are the main driving forces behind economic growth and progress.

Research & Innovation is upscaled through collective efforts of expert consortia and international networks of excellence which are comprised with both key market players and academic partners. As a result, such international groups can offer a range of well-defined solutions, building on each other’s findings and innovations, reaching new breakthroughs.

Such projects and partners’ relationships have legal challenges that need to be addressed. Our firm, with its collected legal knowledge and insight into current day technological innovations, can provide assistance on topics such as big data analytics, blockchain, Internet of Things, smart cities, robotics and AI.

We assist innovators, ranging from SMEs to multinationals, international consortia and academic institutions, to consider and address legal matters and industry sector regulatory requirements in the delivery of their innovative products.

Issues which are commonly addressed include:

• Joint venture, consortia agreements, subcontracting and outsourcing arrangements;

• Technology and software licensing and exploitation of new developments;

• Data ownership, including access and usage rights restrictions.

We assist our clients and partners in such projects with the provision of services including:

• Proposal preparation and tendering;

• Conclusion of consortia agreements, subcontracts and grant agreements;

• On-going project ethics assessment and end-product ethics compliance review and audit;

• Legal advisory services on product market launch, corporate social responsibility and sustainability planning; and

• In-depth risk assessment and evaluation of proposed solution or product.

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