Who we are

We are a boutique commercial law firm with operations in Greece and Cyprus and a focused strategy of specialization. We pride ourselves on representing a new way of thinking around the establishment and operation of modern law firms and have therefore divided the services we offer into two sections:

Core Legal Services

which entail the provision of legal advice on a range of sectors that span from Corporate & Commercial to Real Estate and Funds & Financial Services.

Alternative products

which entail the provision of legal advisory services to innovative Research & Technology enterprises as well as their EU funded consortia.

In an effort to meet the expectations of our clients, the way we work varies depending on clients’ needs an arrangement which is also depicted in our remuneration structure.

Our advice is of the highest quality and we always heavily invest in understanding our clients’ organizations and their operating structures; our experience in the sectors in which we operate help us identify opportunities as well as the various challenges our clients face.

Last but not least, we invest for the future and on future products; all the members of our firm are forward thinking and involved in our Fintech, Regtech and Proptech initiatives that are currently being undertaken by the firm’s technology arm, DS Partners IO.

How we work

Per-project basis

In the markets in which we operate the majority of the work we undertake is on a per-project basis. Our fee structure is transparent and wherever possible we work on a fixed fee arrangement with our clients, giving complete budget certainty over the cost of our solutions.


Since our clients focus more on the bottom line of their business and on developing and improving the product and services they provide, they do not want to spend time and money managing an internal legal department. Our clients outsource all the legal work to us and focus on catching up with their competition and improving the services and products they offer. Through our outsourcing services, our clients are able to have access to our niche expertise, while they reduce turnaround time and achieve huge cost savings through the reduction of overheads and the elimination of unnecessary expenditures.


As entrepreneurs who enjoy being lawyers and in support of our collaborative approach – not only with clients, but also with our extensive network of professional contacts – for very specific projects we are able to work alongside our clients as partners and not follow the traditional route of legal service offering.